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Filing Taxes in 2017: Every Date You Need to Get Ahead of 2016 Business Taxes

Posted by Melissa Hollis to inDinero Academy, Taxes, Guides

In the world of business taxes, there are three pricey tax penalties businesses can avoid, and—as is true with so many of your tax responsibilities—they all come down to one thing: paying your taxes on time.

The Startup Productivity Stack: 100+ Tools Small Teams Use to Get More Done

Posted by Melissa Hollis to inDinero Academy, Business Advice, Business, Guides

If you run a startup or other business in the midst of growth, you picked a hell of a time to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. We’ve reached a point in the global marketplace where the tools and products out there designed to help you manage your company are virtually limitless.

The question then becomes: Where to begin?


The landscape of business resources is vast and weeding through the internet is time consuming... so we did it for you! As of April 2016, here’s a comprehensive list of resources you should know about, from marketing to sales to teamwork to legal help and beyond:

6 Ways You Can Protect Your Business From an IRS Audit

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Taxes, Business Advice, Business


Fact: There is no one braver than an entrepreneur.

Okay, you could make the argument that firefighters, police officers, marines, etc. are physically tougher, and more daring, but when it comes to facing the business world head-first with a steady hand, the fearlessness found in entrepreneurs is unmatched. Howevern, even with the guts to brave the risks associated with starting a business of their own, they still get anxiety attacks thinking about a tax audit.

The reality is that companies get audited for any number of reasons–or just out of the blue! But it’s valid to wonder what makes some businesses more likely to be audited than others?

Is Your Business Trustworthy? How Reliable Brands Approach Accounting

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Accounting, Business Advice

What does it take to establish credibility for your business with customers, prospects, and investors? In my blog post on the topic last month, I offered seven strategies anyone can use to instantly improve their reputation as a trustworthy, transparent, and professional leader.


One subject I didn’t mention? Money.


8 Companies You Can Learn From When Establishing Culture At Your Startup

Posted by Jessica Mah to Inside inDinero, Industry News, Business

This article originally appeared in slightly different form on and is shared with permission.


Remember when all it took for a company to seem innovative were a few beanbag chairs, a couple beer kegs, and a ping-pong table?


To be fair, virtually anyone would welcome all of the above in their workplace, but we’ve come a long way from the early days of the startup economy when a “best place to work” was essentially a conventional office with a ball pit in the middle. (Nothing against ball pits!)


It’s 2016, and forward-thinking organizations are taking a holistic approach to company culture, challenging old norms regarding benefits, compensation, management structure, purpose, and everything in between.

The Reports You Need to Reach Your Business’s Financial Goals This Year [Webinar]

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Accounting, Business, Webinars


It’s officially April. This means there’s 8 full months left to achieve your goals for business growth.

Some business leaders may read that line and head over to their ping pong table, but others may instead run to their coffee machine in a panic rush for more fuel. In reality–no matter which response you feel yourself experiencing–the end of Q1 and beginning of Q2 is a perfect time to evaluate your current state. At this point you have a solid chunk of history to use to identify initial indicators where you are over-performing, underperforming, or right on track and also enough time left in the year to tweak to your future goals as necessary.

Looking for Growth Capital? 12 Things to Know About SBA Loans

Posted by Meredith Wood to Business Advice, funding

If you’re a small business looking to grow, you might find yourself searching for working capital to make it happen. At anytime, you could be evaluating a business opportunity that could take you new heights… But could cost something to get there.

Quick Ways to Tell if a Potential Investor is Right for Your Business

Posted by Elise Fajen to Investment, Business Advice, Business, Guides, funding

What makes a good investor? And how should you go about finding someone who possesses the right qualities?

A not-insignificant number of entrepreneurs in need of venture capital believe the answer to these questions is simple, and their thinking can be summed up by an old expression: follow the money. In theory, it makes sense: Could there be a better indicator of an investor’s success than that investor’s wealth? Isn’t that what investment is all about?

Not really—at least not for you, the business owner on the other side of the deal.

23 Tips Successful Founders Wish They Knew Before Starting A Business

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Business Advice, Industry News, Business

You don’t need an MBA to start a business. In fact, some of the world’s largest organizations are run by CEOs and owners who dropped out of school altogether and entered into the business world through an alternative route. Most entrepreneurs agree: First-hand experience is the best education.

5 Must-Have Technology Tools For Scaling Your Retail Business

Posted by Brian Hahn to Business Advice, Business

We started Nomad as a Kickstarter campaign and raised $160,000 in our first 40 days. With this momentum, we created another campaign on Indiegogo - so we really are from the crowd sourcing world. From starting with what we thought was an awesome product to having that thought validated with over $300,000 in funding from our two campaigns, we had to scale rapidly and we needed technology to help us do that efficiently. We broke things along the way, only to fix them and make them better than they were originally.

After trying a bunch of solutions and tools, we’re really happy where we’ve ended up. Now we have 14 different products, we’re in Best Buy, and you can find our brand in countries around the world. We’re also launching 14 new products this year. We are a team of seven people, and we absolutely could not stay this lean without software. If you’re scaling your retail business and evaluating tools, my recommendation is “business in a box.” Use these five things, stop thinking about it, and trust me.

Success starts when you take charge of your finances.

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