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Take the Chaos Out of Small Business Taxes, Stay Organized With inDinero’s Tax Questionnaire

Posted by Mike Harder to Taxes, inDinero Product Updates

When you’re busy running your business all year, you’re probably not spending much time considering which specific state and federal forms you’ll need to file. But in the game of business taxes, you need to be organized and timely..

inDinero’s tax solution is designed to streamline the annual tax preparation process. Our cloud-based Tax Questionnaire gives small business owners something they’ve never had before: A self-guided place to gather all the information our tax team needs to build their business tax returns.

Feature Update: Streamlined Business Operations for Small Companies

Posted by Amy Wolfenberger to Accounting, inDinero Product Updates

We launched an all-new, all-different interface in September complete with five new or updated features to help businesses improve their operations. It’s been fun to see which ones our clients have found most useful!

Feature Focus: Five Hidden Gems That Can Make All the Difference

Posted by Amy Wolfenberger to inDinero Product Updates


Photo by Marcelo Cesar Augusto Romeo

Our clients love how our financial dashboard puts their accounting needs all in one place, and we’re always making it better so we can scale as they grow. However, we’ve noticed that a few of our most valuable features are often overlooked. Make sure you are getting all you can from inDinero by checking out these features today!

Success starts when you take charge of your finances.

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