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Does Your Business Have Financial Confidence?

Posted by Tony Esposito to Budgeting, Accounting, Business Advice, Funding, Investment

Ask yourself: How confident are you in your company’s financial position? How much knowledge do you have about the transactions and activity that flow in and out of your books? Not to mention, how much faith do you have in the accuracy of your financial picture?

10 Well-Known VCs Share Their Best Fundraising Tips

Posted by Sujan Patel to Investment, Funding

Whether you’re bootstrapping your business, launching through joining an incubator, or you intend to seek help from a VC or angel investor, it’s not an easy task to raise money for a startup in any industry.

Can You Answer These 9 Investor Questions About Your Small Business?

Posted by Melissa Hollis to Investment, Business Advice, Business, Funding

From startup funds to venture capital firms to influential individuals, inDinero’s investors are a diverse group of tech industry innovators and change-makers. But they didn’t come flocking to our company overnight.

8 Secrets for a Killer Small Business Loan Application Revealed

Posted by Katie Alteri to Loans, Funding, Business Advice


If you’re contemplating applying for additional financing for your business, congratulations! It never hurts to have extra cash on hand, so it’s understandable if you’re eager to receive a loan. With a small business loan, you’ll be able to invest in the future of your company.


In this post, we’ll detail eight ways to make your small business loan application process simple and efficient. Before you know it, you’ll have financing in your business bank account, ready for whatever your needs may be.

Is That Investor Right for Your Business? Quick Ways to Tell

Posted by Elise Fajen to Investment, Business Advice, Business, Guides, Funding

What makes a good investor? And how should you go about finding someone who possesses the right qualities?

A pretty significant number of entrepreneurs who pursue venture capital believe the answer to these questions is simple: follow the money. In theory, it makes sense: What better indicator could there be of an investor’s success than their wealth? Isn’t that what investment is all about?

Not really—at least not for you, the business owner on the other side of the deal.

The Small Business Owner's 3 Steps to Being a Better Borrower

Posted by Ty Kiisel to Loans, Funding, Business Advice

Access to capital is a challenge for many small businesses. Nevertheless, there are more business loan options available today than ever before—provided small business owners spend the time to become savvier borrowers. This is not to say they need to become experts in everything small business finance, but they do need to become experts in securing capital for their businesses and taking steps to become better borrowers.

Crowdfunding a Business: Everything You Need to Know & 6 Steps to Get Started

Posted by Kiera Abbomante to Funding

Crowdfunding is often hailed as a golden goose for entrepreneurs and small business owners, just waiting to bring you into millions of dollars and internet stardom.

Ultimately, crowdfunding is one means of raising capital from individuals in an effort to fund a private endeavor. It is a business practice that has brought great success to countless entrepreneurs and businesses, and it is certainly worth considering for getting your startup or inspired idea off the ground.

Are There SBA Loans for Women Entrepreneurs?

Posted by Meredith Wood to Funding, Business, Loans

Spoiler alert… yes—the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers loans to women entrepreneurs.

Taking On a Short-Term Business Loan? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by Meredith Wood to Funding, Business Advice

Fluctuating cash flow is a challenge that every small business faces at one point or another. Whether it’s buying supplies for an unexpected big order or compensating for a slow-paying customer, the ebb and flow of finances is par for the course of being in  business, and a short-term loan is a viable solution when you are strapped for cash.

Answers to Your 4 Decisive Questions About Merchant Cash Advances

Posted by Katie Alteri to Funding

Business owners often find themselves in hot pursuit of working capital for their organization. While there are many ways to go about this, one option that does not get covered quite as often are merchant cash advances. They can be a beneficial type of additional capital to pursue, especially if your business makes the majority of its sales through credit cards. With this form of working capital, a lender will essentially pay you a lump sum upfront. In return, the lender receives a portion of each sales transaction made using a credit or debit card directly from the credit processor until the amount is paid back.

Success starts when you take charge of your finances.

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